Joshua C. Anthony

Vice President, Global Research and Development @ Campbell Soup Company

Josh is a foodie with a passion for science and has focused his career on translating research to improve health and wellbeing through better nutrition.  At the Campbell Soup Company, Josh is the VicePresident of Research and Development, Global Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs where he provides leadership to make Campbell’s real food, really nutritious, accessible and affordable through benefit platforms, partnerships, and programs that help deliver against diverse consumer needs.  Josh is also the Founding Chief Science Officer and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board for Habit, LLC, the world’s first Test to Table™ personalized nutrition company.  At Habit, he is realizing his long-standing goal to see the benefits of more personalized, science-based approaches to health and nutrition shared with everyone.  During his 20-year career, Josh has developed and launched more than 50 science-based products and communication programs.  He has authored 50 scientific papers and abstracts with a focus on nutrition, exercise, nutrient signaling and regulation of gene expression and is an author on more than 135 patents. Josh earned his B.S degree in Biological Sciences from Carnegie Mellon University; hisM.S. degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Illinois; his Ph.D. in Cell and MolecularPhysiology from Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine and his M.B.A. degree fromVanderbilt University.